A European study of 8,000 men identified a steep age-related increase in ED prevalence:

  • 2.3% (30-39 years)
  • 9.5% (40-49 years)
  • 15.7% (50-59 years)
  • 34.4% (60-69 years)
  • 53.4% (70-80 years)[1]

However, it can occur at any age and another European study, which looked at new ED diagnoses, found that 26% of cases occurred in men under the age of 40.[1]

There are a number of reasons for this including anxiety, depression, pornography induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) and increased pressure to ‘perform’ due to the unrealistic portrayals of sexual intercourse in pornography.

Obesity is also increasing the prevalence of ED. One study found 79% of men seeking medical advice for erectile problems were overweight (BMI of over 25), and this increased their risk of ED by 150%.[2]