Prior to Eroxon, existing treatments for ED were available only on prescription in most countries around the world, creating barriers to access.[1] Embarrassment, denial, reticence, and lack of awareness may further prevent someone seeking help; and partners wishing to be supportive and solutions-oriented are hindered by these compounding factors as only the sufferer can be prescribed the treatment.

But now there’s new hope for men experiencing erectile dysfunction, and their partners – with a new addition to your treatment options. Eroxon’s novel gel treatment is clinically proven to be effective for men with ED whether psychological or organic (and mixed), and in mild, moderate, and severe cases.

  • Making treatment more accessible

Still too few men experiencing erection problems seek help from healthcare professionals and, of those who do, fewer still receive treatment. But Eroxon’s fast-acting treatment, as well as its accessibility without prescription, can help you break down the barriers to treating ED.

  • Signposting to their doctor

Eroxon’s labelling encourages men to have a check-up with their doctor (within the first 6 months of starting to use Eroxon) to ensure that their erection problems are not caused by an underlying condition.

  • Empowering partners

Men’s partners can be part of the solution, and, for the first time, take the initiative in buying the treatment themselves and incorporating Eroxon into their sex lives.

Eroxon, your new alternative first-line therapy for ED

Current on-demand, first-line treatments for ED in the form of oral PDE5is can have significant side effects and cannot be taken in combination with a number of medications. They also typically take at least 30 minutes to one hour to work; this requires planning and patience from the man and his partner, which stand in the way of intimacy and spontaneity, and can put undue pressure on couples. Many men and their partners are dissatisfied with oral PDE5is, with estimates that as many as 50% discontinue use after one year[2]     .

Eroxon gel represents the first novel treatment for ED in a decade. By recommending Eroxon, healthcare professionals can help men and their partners restore intimacy and spontaneity to their lives – quickly, and easily.

Availability and regulatory information

Eroxon’s novel treatment for ED is already available without prescription in the EU and UK and is expected to receive a similar regulatory status in many other parts of the world. Our commercial partner for this region, Cooper Consumer Health, has already launched the product in Belgium with further launches expected in Europe this year. Eroxon is also available online via Amazon and Apotheke on their European platforms.


[1] In the UK, Ireland, Norway, Poland, New Zealand, and Switzerland, sildenafil can be purchased without prescription but still requires the involvement of the pharmacist.

[2] Corona G., “First-generation phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors dropout: a comprehensive review and meta-     analysis”, Andrology, 2016, 4, 1002–1009